Thank you to our Front Line Workers & Essential Workers

By: Lori Matherson

Thank you to our Front Line Workers & Essential Workers

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To ALL of the Front Line Workers and ALL of the Essential Workers.

Thank you for your commitment

For going in head first to take care of others
For making sure we have the health care we need
For adapting to the situation and the unknown
For putting others ahead of yourself and your family even if you might not want to
For dealing with fear and anxiety and doing your job anyway
For working without the proper safety equipment
For making sure we have all the essentials that we need
For having to fight your fear or anxiety every single day…and doing what you have to do anyway
For putting yourself at risk while many of us stayed safely in our homes
For the ones that lost the battle. I am sorry
I am proud and thankful to those that I do not know who are out there taking care of others
I am proud and thankful for the ones that belong to me. Nicole, my sister-in-law who left her nursing job in Virginia to work in a hospital in New York State. She is a warrior and an angel to many. To my girl Katy who works for the LCBO and exposed herself to thousands of people before any safety protocols were put into place. To my boy Alex who works for Loblaws and who never missed a day, worked extra shifts when staff left their jobs or could not work. 
I am sure I have missed way too much on my list, I cannot even realize the sacrifice so many have made. 
Thank you doesn't seem to cut it. 

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